Tuesday, April 14, 2009

National Geographic Treasure Seekers: Empires Of India

“Discover the incredible history of India - as shaped by Babur, father of the Moghul Empire, and Clive, father of the British Raj in India.”

India, a land of seductive riches, land of the Koh-i-noor diamond, the priceless gem which legend says was given by the god Krishna to test mankind’s greed. Possessed of such wealth and beauty, thought Krishna, would men behave like beasts or would they think and achieve wisdom?

This is the story of India and its conquerors, told as part of the National Geographic ‘Treasure Seekers’ series.

One stormed south across the mountains. One came from across the seas. Both were hungry for wealth and dominion. Each would become his own answer to Krishna’s question. Wise man or beast?

India has for centuries beckoned the outsider. Many have vied for control of this fabled and diverse land. Two great empires established by the invading Moguls and the British, flourished on this vast sub-continent.

Famed for its wealth, its cultural treasures and its exoticism, for centuries India has seemed to outsiders an alluring, pliant world ripe for conquest and control.

In the 16th century the Turkaman warlord Babur stormed out of Central Asia and made the country his own. The Moghul Empire he founded became one of the most opulent and sophisticated in human history.

As it faded, a new conqueror and a new colonial power emerged on the scene. Robert Clive, a strange and self-destructive character took hold of the country in the 18th century and delivered it into the hands of the British.

This documentary is part of the highly acclaimed ‘Treasure Seekers’ series, produced for National Geographic.


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