Sunday, April 19, 2009

National Geographic Tigers of the Snow

Tigers of the Snow presents the beautiful one-hour program on these endangered animals from award-winning wildlife filmmaker Mark Stouffer; plus the bonus never-before-released half-hour program entitled Tiger’s Eye; Siberian Tiger facts; an assortment of tiger photographs in the Photo Gallery; a map of the tigers’ range in Siberia; a Siberian Tigers interactive trivia quiz; and trailers of other related National Geographic programs.

Blake’s words “Tyger, tyger burning bright” come alive in this lush documentary from National Geographic. Tigers of the Snow spotlights the Siberian Tiger, which once roamed over the wide ranges of northern Asia but now is limited to a tiny region on the Sea of Japan. Footage of their active muscles, their piercing eyes, their regal pelt, all attest to the beauty of a dying breed. Russian and American scientists have banded together to study the 300 remaining not-so-gentle giants in an effort to save them from extinction. You’ll see these men and women track tigers from helicopters, brave a mother’s fury to tag her young, and strive to breed them in captivity.


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