Sunday, April 19, 2009

PBS Nova: The Unknown World

They’re hiding in your closet. They’re lurking in your bed. They’re all over you- snacking on your skin, burrowing through your scalp, munching on your mascara. They’re the creepy crawlers of the unknown world, and now- thanks to micro-photographer Lennart Nilsson, who brought us The Miracle of Life- you can (shudder) catch these critters in the act, magnified to monster size. Look quick, on the bookshelf- a giant silverfish is slithering over your Shakespeare. Peer into the house plant- a mammoth ladybug stalks an aphid for a feast. Grab your coat- and hope it’s not teeming with ravenous larvae. Then glance in the mirror: are those sci-fi creatures you see- swarming through the rainforest of your hair, the jungle of your arm, the furrowed contours of your hand? Change your perspective (if you dare). Spy from an unexpected angle- say, a behind-the-teeth view- and a kiss is not just a kiss anymore. Zoom in again: a secret drama is taking place, in, on, and around us in a hidden world. And yes, we’re all in it together- whether we know it or not.


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