Friday, April 17, 2009

History Channel : A Global Warning?

Arctic ice is melting sea levels are rising and glaciers are shrinking at alarming rates. And the Earth is getting unmistakably warmer. But is this vast potentially catastrophic climate change the result of human behavior? Or is it simply the Earth s natural cycle of warming and cooling periods that have occurred since the planet formed? THE HISTORY CHANNEL offers an in-depth study of the science behind this controversial hot-button issue.Scientists explore the skies to examine the warming effects of the sun and dig deep into the Earth to study continental movement and the volatile activity at the planet s core. Experts speculate on how natural events including volcanic eruptions and massive meteor impacts have affected temperatures and weather systems over the planet s 600-million-year history.Shot on location at some of the most breath-taking locations on the planet and filled with dynamic special effects A GLOBAL WARNING? is a captivating look at the Earth s climatic evolution and a study of the longevity of our planet–and man s future on it.


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