Thursday, April 23, 2009

New World Order

Got about seven hours you want to spend wrapped up reading stuff on the internet? If so, google search some of the following: “Bilderberg Group,” “WTC Building 7,” “911+ truth” and then top it all off by going to Alex Jones’s conspiracy wonderland, Info Wars. In that seven hours (or more) you spend reading about vast conspiracies, mostly centered on the impending “New World Order,” one of two things will likely happen. You’ll either shake your head in amazement at how some people can be so insane, paranoid and obsessed or, you’ll see that there are some pretty damned convincing arguments to be found about where our country is headed as well as the events surrounding the 9-11 attacks. Documentary filmmakers Luke Myer and Andrew Neel’s “New World Order” take us into the world of the “conspiracy theorists” in their outstanding new film, “New World Order.”


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