Thursday, May 27, 2010

National Geographic – Iceland Volcano Eruption

Icelandic volcanic eruptions began on March 20, 2010, and the great damage that affects the world who are examining this volcano


BBC The Stones in Exile: An Imagine Special

Alan Yentob introduces a revealing documentary which tells the story of the making of The Rolling Stones' acclaimed1972 album, Exile on Main Street.Facing huge unpaid tax bills in Britain, the band fled to the French Riviera. Life was crazy and chaotic there, yet the band still managed to make one of the seminal albums of rock and roll history


Saturday, May 22, 2010

PBS Nature - Cuba: Wild Island of the Caribbean

Outside the world of politics, Cuba is perhaps best known for its culture, cigars and classic cars. But it is also a tropical paradise, the largest and most unspoiled island in the Caribbean, and home to an array of uniquely Cuban wildlife. Through a special arrangement with the Cuban government, unprecedented access was granted to film the astonishing diversity of life on the island, ranging from the incredibly small to the unimaginably large - including pea-size frogs, butterfly bats, leaping crocodiles, millions of land crabs, tiny bee hummingbirds, a colony of 100,000 flamingos, and 450-pound fish.


BBC - Cloudspotting

Documentary bringing to life Gavin Pretor-Pinney's bestseller The Cloudspotter's Guide, which draws on science, meteorology and mythology for a magical trip through the world of clouds. From the ethereal cirrus to the scary cumulonimbus, it tells the story of the short but eventful life of clouds and their importance to our planet. We find out how huge quantities of water can stay in the sky for so long, how lightning and thunder are created and the possible existence of a new type of cloud. Learn how to make a cloud in a bottle.


Gabon - The Last Eden

Gabon is an unlikely Eden where relentless predators stalk prey in lush forests and primates, who have not yet learned to fear man, live right alongside forest elephants. Against all odds, one visionary African leader and a group of dedicated scientists defied the conventional wisdom that insists oil and logging are the only way to bring prosperity to an impoverished land. Out of the wild they created 13 new national parks - and are now developing an eco-tourism industry to sustain them. Gabon: The Last Eden tells this amazing story with stunning footage - silverback gorillas defending territory, mandrill baboons faces splashed with day-glow color, and hippos wallowing in the ocean - exploring one of the planet's last true wildernesses and what is being done to save it.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scotland's Greatest Team

STV's new series, Scotland's Greatest Team, will give football fans the chance to end the age old debate of who would make an all-time Scotland XI.

ep01: Strikers.
It is the debate that rages every time two or more Scottish football fans are in the same room - which eleven players and manager would make up our best team? This your chance to settle that argument once and for all. Tony Roper and Sanjeev Kohli profile the short listed strikers in the first of five programmes that will allow the Scottish public to create Scotland's Greatest Team.

ep02: Midfielders
Second part of the quest to settle the age-old argument about who were the best players ever to pull on a Scotland jersey. Tony Roper and Lorraine Kelly present profiles of the ten shortlisted midfielders before asking you, the Scottish public, to decide on who belongs in Scotland's Greatest Team.

ep03: Defenders
Scotland has had some great defenders over the decades, but which four deserve to be included in Scotland's Greatest Team? Tony Roper and Kelly Dalglish reveal the nominees from which the Scottish public can choose their ideal back four.

ep04: Goalkeepers And Managers
The final nominations for inclusion in Scotland's Greatest Team are revealed. Join Tony Roper and John Gordon Sinclair as they profile the short-listed goalkeepers and managers.

ep05: Results
The talking is over and we have the results of the debate that has fired the imagination of every Scottish football fan for the past month. In this special results programme from The Scottish Football Museum at Hampden, Tony Roper reveals the eleven players and the manager that the Scottish public have voted Scotland's Greatest Team.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Coca-Cola: The Real Story Behind the Real Thing
With unprecedented access, CNBC pulls back the curtain on Coca-Cola, the most recognizable brand on the planet. In an original one-hour documentary, "Coca-Cola: The Real Story Behind the Real Thing," CNBC's Melissa Lee reveals never-before-seen labs, secret archives and high-tech product testing. Cameras follow Coke's urgent campaign to reinvent itself after years of losing ground to arch-rival Pepsi in the race to develop new, blockbuster beverages. Meet the men and women whose mission it is to put the buzz back in the bottles and see how Coke gets its drinks into the mouths of people in the farthest corners of the globe. From the production line to "Cola Wars," discover the secret that makes Coke pop.


PBS - American Experience - New Orleans

Explore the rich history of the city gave rise to jazz, and endured one of the greatest natural disasters ever to strike American soil. A colorful cultural melting pot with a history that's deeper than the darkest bayou, New Orleans' diverse culture inspired such artists as Tennessee Williams and Louis Armstrong to produce works that still resonate decades after their deaths. From Huey Long's war against the "Old Regulars" to Mardi Gras, the exodus of the middle class and Hurricane Katrina, this documentary paints a vivid picture of the city where anything seems possible.


National Geographic - 24 Hours After Asteroid Impact

Sixty-six million years ago a six-mile wide meteor struck the Earth, wiping out three-quarters of all life on the planet, including dinosaurs. Using computer graphics and real-world demonstrations, 24 Hours After Asteroid Impact explains the likely cascade of effects of this catastrophic impact, and shows who won and who lost, and why, in the ultimate test of survival.


The Great Global Warming Swindle

“There is no direct evidence which links 20th century global warming to anthroprogenic [man-made] greenhouse gasses.”
“We can’t say that CO2 will
drive climate, it certainly never did in the past.”
“The global warming alarm is dressed up as science. But its not science, its propaganda.”
“[we are being told that] If the CO2 increases in the atmosphere as a greenhouse gas, then the temperature will go up. But the ice-core records shows exactly the opposite. So the fundamental assumption, the most fundamental assumption, the assumption of the whole theory of climate change due to humans is shown to be wrong.”


BBC - Storyville: Cod Wars

Icelandic film which tells the story of Britain and Iceland's struggle over the once-plentiful cod fishing grounds in the North Atlantic from both sides.

During the 1950s and 1960's Britain consumed 430,000 tons of cod each year, but as the stocks started to diminish the livelihoods of fishing communities in both countries were at stake. Iceland took steps to protect their fishing industry - the mainstay of their economy - resulting in the three so-called Cod Wars. This was a David and Goliath struggle, where the small fleet of Icelandic gunboats were pitted against the British trawlers and the Royal Navy.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

BBC - Theo's Adventure Capitalists: India

Dragon's Den star Theo Paphitis follows the fortunes of brave and bold British companies trying to expand in three of the world's most dynamic emerging markets - India, Brazil and Vietnam. While Britain is still stuck in a recession, these economies are booming. There couldn't be a better time than now for British businesses to seize these opportunities in some of the world's fastest-expanding but risky markets - but how easy is it going to be?


IMAX - China: The Panda Adventure

China: The Panda Adventure is the true story of Ruth Harkness, a fiercely independent woman who travels to the mysterious forests of China to follow in her late husband's footsteps and achieve his dream of bringing the first live Giant Panda to America. This biological adventure stars Maria Bello and is directed by noted documentary and feature filmmaker Robert Young. China: The Panda Adventure combines spectacular images of a foreign land and breathtaking scenes with Giant Pandas, with this incredible true story of hope, courage and triumph of the human spirit. The film is endorsed by World Wildlife Fund and the San Diego Zoo.


History Channel - The Real Robin Hood

The Real Robin Hood The marauding mercenary of English folklore is one of history's best-known tales, and the legend of Robin Hood is the inspiration for more movies, radio and TV programs than any other folk hero. But the image of a hero in tights and a feathered cap is a somewhat recent addition to the myth. In reality, Robin Hood is a composite of several historical figures whose exploits date back to the age of the Crusades. In the film Robin Hood, starring Russell Crowe, director Ridley Scott's production is based on the most solid and recent historical research into the character and promises a startlingly fresh interpretation of Robin Hood for a new generation. This special will distinguish between historical evidence and Hollywood fiction, and seek to create a realistic portrait of the mythical hero. Includes clips from the film as well as interviews with director Scott, principal Robin Hood cast members and renowned historians.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Military Channel - Top Ten Combat Rifles

The combat rifle is the soldier's closest companion. Despite the revolution in battlefield tactics over the past 100 years, it is still the mainstay of every modern army in the world.


PBS NOVA - Underwater Dream Machine

Engineering ingenuity and one man's astounding determination are at the center of this program, which follows American entrepreneur Peter Robbins as he embarks on a 10-year odyssey to create his own million-dollar underwater vessel from scratch and explore the sunken wrecks of German U-boats.


Monday, May 10, 2010

Body Armor Secrets of a Second Skin
Secrets of a Second Skin Discovery Channel Documentary featuring the story of modern bullet proof jackets and body armour protecting law enforcement and military personnel today.


BBC Horizon-The Bible Code,

"We may have less than three years to save our world"
Michael Drosnin, journalist and author

Michael Drosnin is an American journalist and best selling author. He has written two books claiming that he can see into the future using a 3000 year old code, hidden in the Bible.

What he can see is truly horrific; according to Drosnin, the world could end in an atomic holocaust - in 2006.

It sounds preposterous yet Drosnin claims to have serious scientific backing. Behind his findings lies the work of one of the world's most brilliant theoretical mathematicians, an Israeli professor called Eliyahu Rips.

In 1994, using exactly the same ancient code, Michael Drosnin accurately predicted the assassination of the Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin - twelve months before it occurred.

Drosnin's books on the Bible Code have been translated into most of the world's major languages and are read by millions of people. If he's right, he's stumbled on one of the most important discoveries ever made.

This week Horizon investigates the science behind the Bible Code.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

PBS NOVA - Kings of Camouflage

Call it a case of mistaken identity. When it comes to camouflage, chameleons get all the attention. But the often-overlooked cuttlefish is the real master of disguise. Cousins of the squid and octopus, cuttlefish are among the most unusual animals on our planet. These shape-shifting creatures can hypnotize their prey, impersonate the opposite sex and even kill with lightning-fast speed. More accomplished masters of disguise than any chameleon, they have an incredible ability to morph their skin color – even their shape – to blend into most any background. Cuttlefish also have one of the largest brain-to-body ratios among the invertebrates. With stunning underwater footage and in-depth expert interviews, NOVA gets up close and personal with this astonishing brainy bunch.


NOVA - Mt St Helens Back from the Dead

Renowned biologist Charlie Crisafulli explores the return of plant and animal life in Skamania County, Washington, after volcano Mount St. Helens erupted in 1980, leaving every living thing in its blast zone dead and buried.


Friday, May 7, 2010

BBC - South Africa In Pictures

British fashion photographer Rankin explores South Africa's rich photographic tradition, discovering how its photographers have captured this complex and turbulent nation through remarkable images and charting the role photography has played in documenting its story. Through encounters with conflict photographers the Bang Bang Club, documentary photographer David Goldblatt and photojournalist Alf Kumalo, Rankin goes on a moving photographic journey to see the nation through their gaze.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Portrait of Scotland

Peter Capaldi explores the story of Scotland's art. He had a talent for drawing and a love for art that took him to art school in Glasgow, but soon after graduating he became an actor.

Capaldi spends time with the paintings and the artists that have made Scottish art special. He sketches some of the most important Scottish portraits, and by focusing on the tradition of portraiture that goes back 500 years, Capaldi shows how Scotland's art has reflected the changing face of the nation.


BBC - Partition The Day India Burned
Documentary about the effects of Britain's withdrawal from India in 1947 which triggered one of the biggest migrations in history. 15 million were displaced and more than a million lost their lives. The story is told through the testimony of people who lived together for centuries, but were forced out of their homes as one of the largest and most ethnically diverse nations in the world was divided. Dramatised reconstructions evoke some of the mistrust, violence and upheaval that ensued.


Monday, May 3, 2010

PBS Nova: Secret of the Wild Child

This documentary takes a look at a young girl named Genie who was completely secluded from the outside world by her parents. The program focuses on her rehabilitation at the hands of expert doctors.


PBS Frontline - Age of Aids (Reupload)

On the 25th anniversary of the first diagnosed cases of AIDS, FRONTLINE examines one of the worst pandemics the world has ever known. After a quarter-century of political denial and social stigma, of stunning scientific breakthroughs, bitter policy battles and inadequate prevention campaigns, HIV/AIDS continues to spread rapidly throughout much of the world. Through interviews with AIDS researchers, world leaders, activists, and patients, FRONTLINE investigates the science, politics, and human cost of this fateful disease and asks: What are the lessons of the past, and what can be done to stop AIDS?

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