Sunday, April 19, 2009

Unlocking The Mystery Of Life: Introduction on Intelligent Design Theory

The debate on the reason for the Origins of Life continues. Since the Beginning of the 90’s, advocates of creationism started a new movement: Intelligent Design Theory, supported by the Discovery Institute

Intelligent Design Theory, supported by the Discovery Institute (

This video is a discourse on arguments backing up their theories. Aim is nothing else then obtaining the right to teach alternative Ideas to Darwinism in public schools as well, since court decisions in the US forbade teaching of creationism in biology classes.

Let’s hope the Efforts of the Intelligent Design movement to become accepted are fruitful. Arguments are based on scientific reasonings that deserve attention.
See for yourself whether this is Science or not.



Psiloiordinary said...


Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the actual science?

I review the materials in detail here.

Happy to hear your reaction or argument to these points.



bobxxxx said...

Intelligent Design Theory, supported by the Discovery InstituteIntelligent design is not a scientific theory. There's nothing scientific about it. Intelligent design is nothing more than a childish idiotic belief in supernatural magic.

The Discovery Institute is a Christian creationist organization. They are lawyers and other worthless people, not scientists. They know nothing about science. They have never discovered anything. The employees of the Discovery Institute are extremely dishonest and extremely stupid. They are only interested in destroying America's science education. They are no better than terrorists and they should be treated like terrorists.

Anonymous said...

U should check out the book "The language of God" written by the leading scientist of the Human Genome Project: Francis S. Collins ...very good brain food for the open minded

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