Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Africa’s Forgotten Kingdom

In the heart of southern Africa stands the remains of a once mighty city, Great Zimbabwe. For hundreds of years a mysterious civilization reigned supreme here on the Zimbabwe plateau. Then suddenly, in the 16th century, it crumbled, leaving behind only a riddle: Who had built these massive walls? Obsessed with legends of a lost white civilization, a German explorer stumbled upon the ruins. Was this the legendary city of Sheba, he thought, whose queen captured the heart of King Solomon? Fifty years later, an archaeologist in her quest for the truth unearthed an even more remarkable past. Had Great Zimbabwe been the center of a powerful black culture, one of the greatest cities of its time? This idea sparked furious debate and was responsible for overturning centuries of bias about Africans and their history.
English and Mandarin Chinese dual audio


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