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The Mysterious Origins of Man

Join us as we examine controversial theories about man's origins and evolution, new findings about Egypt, the pyramids and the Sphinx, archaeological cover-ups involving ancient maps, dinosaurs and megalithic structures in Peru.

Is the Sphinx thousands of years older than history tells us? Will the answer be found by a similar Sphinx-like face photographed by NASA on Mars?

Does the essence of a simple flower have the ability to help cancer patients heal? Curious minds can explore these and other sujects that are reshaping our world.

In February of 1996, NBC broadcast the controversial one-hour special, The Mysterious Origins of Man. In this program, many alternative views of man's origins were presented, revealing that there are still many unanswered questions. The reaction of the scientific community was extreme and continues to this day.

*Created by the producers of NBC's Emmy Award winning "THE MYSTERY OF THE SPHINX".

According to the current view there was no contact between the Old World and the New World before Columbus. Yet numerous artifacts have been found that suggest a link between Egypt and the Americas.

Consider these similaritles:

- Both have huge pyramids, aligned to the cardinal points.
- Temples with megalithic stones with extremely fine joints of less than a fiftieth of an inch.
- Both Egypt and the Americas used royal headresses of similar style.
- Both employed a unique style of construction using "L" shaped corners.
- Both use the same style of metal clamps to hold the huge stones in place.
- And both cultures used the process of mummification to preserve and honor their dead.

These compelling similarities suggest to some that both ancient cultures were influenced by a sophisticated common source. Was that source Atlantis?

Stratographic Column

As a rule, modern artifacts, like this clay pot, are found near the top of the stratographic column.

Homo Sapiens (modern man) is thought to have originated in Africa 100,000 years ago.

Neanderthal Man originated around 150,000 years ago.

Homo Erectus originated around 1.5 million years ago.

Australopithicus, the first to walk upright. Around 5 million years ago.

Pliopithicus, an ape-like being, was amoung man's earliest relatives, around 25 million years ago.

This primitive hand-ax is the most advanced tool we would expect to find in 2 million year old strata.

We are now in the forbidden zone of archeology. This mortar and pestle was found in rock strata 55 million years old. At this early period in earth's history human beings did not exist.

This metallic tube is impossible according to the accepted views of archeology. Found in chalk beds dated to 65 million years, it is of obvious intelligent design, yet dates to a time before humans existed.

This artifact has never been recorded in a college textbook. Modern human bones were found in an Illinois coal deposit dated at 320 million years. Does this mean that man lived at the time of the dinosaurs?

Perhaps the oldest artifacts ever discovered are these metallic spheres found in Klerksdorp, So. Africa. Over 150 of the mysterious balls were found deep in Pre-Cambrian strata dated at an astounding 2.8 billion years old. At this time in earth's history, only simple forms of algae were thought to exist.


As we expected, the response to our show has been heated. Many viewers praised the production "for raising the question in public, even if the scientfic community does not believe it..." On the other hand we've been accused of pseudo-science and setting back the course of education in America. But our goal was simply to present the public with evidence which suggests an alternative view to some of our most accepted theories. After all, the theory of evolution is still a theory, not a fact, and therefore alternative views should be welcomed, not banned.

Probably the most common criticism is that the show gave no opposing view from the academic community. The producers' position is that the accepted view has been so frequently presented to the public that only a brief summary by the host was necessary. It was more valuable to focus on the documented anomalous evidence.

For example, if man evolved from the apes around 5 million years ago, then how does the scientific community explain tools of modern man found in rock strata dating to 55 million years old? (J.D Whitney, California State Geologist, Table Mt. Mine) Those artifacts currently reside in a museum in Berkeley, California. When we applied for permission to film them, we were denied by the museum.

Another criticism is that the information in our show is presented by experts who do not hold degrees in their fields of expertise and therefore their opinions are not endorsed by the scientific community. But Dr. Virginia Steen McIntyre holds a PhD in Geology and was a fellow with the USGS when she did her field work in Mexico. Her conclusions about the age of the spearpoints she dated (250,000 years BP) were backed by two other USGS members, yet because of their implications, the findings were ignored and her career was ruined.

In the case of the Paluxy River man tracks, to our knowledge, no accredited archaeologist has ever proven the prints to be fake. Furthermore, many scientists have referred us to an article written by Kuban and Hastings who seem to be the experts on this site. They categorically deny that there is any validity to the prints and claim that the case has been solved.

It is interesting to note that the scientific community refers to this report as if it is definitive proof, when in fact neither gentleman is an accredited archaeologist, anthropologist or paleontologist. If this is to be a fair discussion let's all play by the same rules.

Many of our critics are using very strong language, calling us morons, liars, and subversive creationists. These are emotional responses, not logical arguments. To set the record straight, we are not creationists or affiliated with any group whatsoever. We are being attacked on a personal level, because we are questioning issues that have been deemed too fundamental to be questioned.

We are fully aware that the information presented is highly controversial. This was re-iterated by Charlton Heston in the show, "We've seen a broad range of evidence, some of it highly speculative. But there are enough well documented cases to call for a closer look at the conventional explanation of man's origins."

We never take the stance that we know the answers or in any way suggest that we will provide them. We are merely offering an alternative hypothesis. In this way, we feel that the American public is fully capable of making up its own mind.


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