Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holocaust - The Liberation of Majdanek (1978)

Up until it's release on video, this Russian footage had never been shown in the West. Majdanek was unique as it was the only concentration camp operational at the time of it's liberation.The concentration and extermination camp Majdanek, near Lublin, was erected in 1941, and liberated on July 23rd 1944.The speed of the Soviet advance gave the Germans no time to destroy or conceal evidence of the atrocities they had committed.This rare and stark documentary graphically portrays the terrible tragedy of the 'Two Million' innocent victims exterminated and the frightful efficiency of the NAZI DEATH FACTORY.Captured on films are SS Officers and Kapo's appearing before a Russian Tribunal at Lublin. They are confronted by surviving inmates who are giving evidence against the accused for their hideous war crimes. It culminated in their deserved conviction and execution by hanging.


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