Saturday, April 11, 2009

Esoteric Agenda (2008), Beyond Zeitgeist?

Talismanic Idols is a compilation of information from leading researchers,
Lawyers, Scholars, Doctors, Scientists, and professionals in relative fields
which influence all of humanity and the reality we perceive. It is likely
that everyone has reached the point somewhere in their lives where they feel
something is missing or seriously wrong in the world.

Religious scriptures feel vague and unfulfilling. Science feels unpredictable
and incomplete. Politicians find privacy behind the protection of National
Security while undermining the privacy of the people. Corporate America has
become Corporate Earth as every nation sovereignty is being
compromised by a
few wealthy families at the very top. Education is manufactured to disguise
the true history of the planet. Media is manufactured to disguise the current
events of the planet. Sports and Entertainment distract and influence
emotions with sacred and subconscious geometry, symbolism, color, and sound.
All of these seem to be disconnected and random occurrences from completely
unrelated sources. But this could not be farther from the truth. There are
no mistakes. There is nothing left to chance. There is an order and purpose
to all that exists. Everything on this planet has happened to set up
humanity for WHAT IS COMING NEXT. The question remains: Will these events
benefit or hurt mankind?

The truth of the matter is, there are many changes occurring within the
galaxy, our solar system, our planet Earth, and even within ourselves. What if
there was an explanation for suffering, separation, status, discrimination,
hatred, War, poverty, fear, love, and every aspect of our lives we dismiss as
irrelevant or inexplainable as the work of a separate and untouchable God figure.

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