Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dubai Dreams

Dubai is the world's fastest-growing tourist resort and the world¹s largest building-site. With $2.7 billion worth of property under construction in a single year, Dubai has fast become a magnet for the fabulously wealthy and is the destination for anyone with real money and a taste for luxury.

Each episode gets up close and personal with a particular character who finds themselves caught up in this whirlwind growth; from the Gulf News photographer to the 'Hot 100' party planner. Each programme in turn reveals something of the unique issues they face and the day-to-day life in such a diverse east-meets-west community.

Gulf News - Episode 1

Gulf News photographer Paul Velasco is new to the Arab world and has to get used to reporting in a country that, despite appearing very western, exercises strict control of the press. W hen getting David Beckham on the newspaper's front page is classed as a major victory his disillusionment with the place begins to grow.


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