Monday, April 13, 2009

Dead Men's Secrets - Secrets Of Hitler's Special Forces

In the highly-structured world of the Nazi military machine, they were anomalies, joined not by shared skills, training or background. Culled from every branch of the services, they were the best that the Third Reich had to offer, and they tackled missions that the regular military could not handle. SECRETS OF HITLER'S SPECIAL FORCES tells the inside story of this elite company's daring operations, soaring with glider pilots to the Belgian fortress of Eben-Emael, parachuting into Crete, freeing Benito Mussolini from a mountaintop prison. Filled with rare photos, information gleaned from once-secret documents and never-before-seen footage filmed by Nazi cameramen, it is a captivating look inside one of the most extraordinary military teams ever assembled. Although they fought for a brutal and evil regime, the courage and skill of many of Hitler's Special Forces cannot be denied.


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