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Michael Moore - SLACKER UPRISING (2007) (VOstFR)

"Slacker" was actually shot four years ago, in the wake of the ultracontroversial "Fahrenheit 9/11." Moore embarked on a 42-day, 62-city tour of battleground states in an effort to get young people, affectionately referred to as "slackers," to vote. More specifically, Moore wanted them to vote for John Kerry, though one gets the sense that he would have backed any Democrat.

In an effort to speak their language, Moore declared that none of his events would start before noon, and he offered Ramen noodles and clean underwear in exchange for slackers coming onstage with him and registering to vote.

When Bush was re-elected, Moore shelved the film because he felt as though the battle was lost. He showed it as a special surprise at the 2006 Traverse City Film Festival and brought it to the Toronto Film Festival last year, where it was called "Captain Mike Across America." The response it garnered there prompted him to give the film a wider release.

The film presents Moore as something of a rock star, as he speaks in front of many large crowds in some big-city venues. He is met with thunderous applause, and, as the writer and director, he makes certain to include the glowing introductions he receives from many of his friends.

The heart of "Slacker Uprising" is the notion that each and every American has the ability to have their voice heard via one of the most inalienable human rights -- the right to vote.
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