Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gladiators of World War II

Behind the epic struggles of World War II, there were highly disciplined groups of fighting men and women whose achievements can only now be revealed. This series examines the relative strength of each of the world's most deadly units that gave its country's armed forces an extra edge when it came to deciding the outcome of World War II's most pivotal battles. The series also examines, in the light of newly released information and recently discovered rare archive film, some of the feats performed by individuals from these elite fighting forces.

each episode:

Part 01_Waffen SS
Part 02_Special Air Service-SAS
Part 03_Kamikaze
Part 04_Desert Rats
Part 05_Norwegian Resistance Fighters
Part 06_Royal Air Force-RAF
Part 07_Special Operations Executive-SOE
Part 08_Free French Forces
Part 09_The Royal Navy
Part 10_The ANZACS
Part 11_Free Polish Forces
Part 13_Paras and Commandos


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