Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BBC - The World According to Google

Internet search engine Google is the fastest growing company in history.
Created just seven years ago it’s now worth a staggering $120 billion and receives
around 250 million queries per day. In the 18 months since its stock market flotation,
Google has been transformed from a company that prided itself on being simple and effective,
into a multi-headed high tech beast which wants to get involved in everything.

Rajan Datar investigates this extraordinary money-making machine and finds how it’s
changed the lives of countless people, from the woman who credits Google with saving
her baby’s sight to the private detective who says it’s revolutionised his working life.

But, cracks are starting to appear in this dot com dream-come-true, as Google struggles
with issues of privacy, copyright and clickfraud.




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