Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BBC Horizon - Who Do You Want Your Child to Be

David Baddiel, father of two, sets out to answer one of the greatest questions a parent can ask: how best to educate your child.

Taking in the latest scientific research, David uncovers some unconventional approaches: from the parent hot-hosing his child to record-breaking feats of maths, to a school that pays hard cash for good grades.

David witnesses a ground-breaking experiment that suggests a child's destiny can be predicted at four, and hears the three little words that can ruin a child's chance of success for good. He also uncovers the neurological basis for why teenagers can be stroppy and explosive and has his own brain tinkered with to experience what it is like to struggle at school.

Through it all, David's quest remains true: to maximise his child's potential for success and happiness.

17 Mar 2009


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