Saturday, February 28, 2009

Secrets Aegean Apocalypse (History Channel), What happened in 1200 bc ?

Around 1,200 BC, an ancient Armageddon destroyed nearly every known civilization.

What could have caused it?

The theories are many, but most now include one mysterious and massively destructive factor--a force only the Egyptians survived to name: The Sea People.
Who were these warriors and how could they take down the world's greatest powers in a span of just 50 years?
Scale the dizzying heights of Crete's mountain fortress with archaeologist Krzysztof Nowicki as he searches for clues.

In this fabulous documentary, we use recently uncovered clues to unravel the myriad mysteries behind the greatest cataclysm of the ancient world.
A clay tablet baked by apocalyptic fires; strange stone fortresses built hundreds of miles above sea level; hieroglyphs that tell of a terrifying invasion.
Are these the clues that will unravel the mystery behind the greatest cataclysm of the ancient world?


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