Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ross Kemp on Gangs Part Three - Orange County, USA

Ross Kemp's investigation into gang culture takes him to California, where behind the sunny idyll lies the home of the Orange County Skins.
PENI, or PEN1, began as a skinhead prison gang & is just starting to branch out into the community, according to Tim Zaal, a consultant with the Simon Wiesenthal Center's task force against hate.
Zaal described PENI as a "crash & burn" skinhead group that has embraced gang culture.
Zaal said PENI members regularly use & sell drugs, sell guns & are known for committing identity fraud. "From what I've seen, they're
really, basically thugs," Zaal said. "These guys are basically a subsidiary of the Aryan Brotherhood," Zaal said of PENI.

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