Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ross Kemp on Gangs Part One LONDON



Ross Kemp on Gangs Part One, Series One : LONDON

In 2006 Kemp featured in the series Ross Kemp on Gangs in which he interviewed gang members around the world. In the first series, the show featured gangs & police corruption in Brazil, Maori gangs in
New Zealand, neo-Nazi skinheads in California & gangsters in London. The second series featured gangs including "MS13" from El Salvador, neo-Nazis in Russia, American "Bloods" & "Crips" in St Louis & the
Numbers gang in South Africa.
Although this presenter gets a lot of stick for his not being 'the best' presenter, or having a face like a shocked frog(it's true, he does!), It has to be said that he did this series really well. That is why I am deciding to post it here cos' when I went looking for it I couldn't find all of the episodes in one place! A few here and a few there; on this torrent site and that; to watch on the great googlevideo or similar rubbish; not good enough!
Don't know about you but I HATE watching anything on bloody google video or stuff like that. Why do people upload full programmes and films there just so you can watch it back in glorious FLV!!?? (It is fine if you know how to download the original AVI file from google of course...nice, but not all films there are originally AVI anyway so...)

Anyway back to the topic!
This show is real eye opener for sure. The London one isn't exactly frightening or much like the episode that features Rio, for example but it's worth watching and will get you in the mood for what is to follow.
I will post the whole set of all of the shows in sequence OK.
I hope you enjoy them.

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