Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ross Kemp on Gangs Part Four Rio de Janeiro

Ross Kemp travels to the violent favellas of Rio de Janeiro where gang warfare & police hit squads are the norm. Exclusive Interviews with gun toting masked gang members & the real story of police brutality behind the continuing cycle of violence.
As this series progresses the shows get more revealing and a bit more disturbing. I was unaware of such situations as are shown in this episode. I had never even heard of a 'Flavella' yet these are some of the worst living conditions in the western world. These people are segregated by society and forced into a ghetto that makes other more well known 'ghetto's' look like play.
The footage of the police taking a guy behind a van, out of camera view, then shooting him dead on the ground...horrific. yet it happens every day. Every day we sit here browsing uploading, downloading these people are fighting a war with the corrupt officials who make a simple life impossible for them. there is a lot more to it than that I know but..well, just make sure you watch this one!

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