Friday, June 6, 2008

National Geographic's Most Dangerous Moments

They're the scenes that take our breath away - the shots that keep us spellbound - real moments of extraordinary danger - amazingly, captured on film. Welcome to National Geographic's Most Dangerous Moments. From an elephant on the rampage and a tornadothat levels a town to big blow-ups and mind-blowing rituals, witness staggering moments where life hangs in the balance. So hold on tight, as we bring you some of the most hair-raising moments ever captured on film.

National Geographic's Most Dangerous Moments" features thrilling moments of fear in the face of (almost) certain death -- from a polar bear attack at a zoo to a glacier wall collapse in the Italian Alps to base jumping in the Arctic Circle. Segments include: "Amazing Wild Encounters," "Amazing Animal Rescues," "Amazing Fury of Nature," "Amazing Rites of Pain" and "Amazing Challenges."



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