Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kamikaze: in Color

World War II was an epic conflict, a time when humanity found new, more horrible ways of killing each other. One of these new techniques was the suicide bomber, a desperate tactic fueled by religion, fanatical nationalism and fear of a homeland invasion. These Japanese pilots called themselves "Kamikaze", a name which means "Divine Wind", and it was a method of attack the Alllies had never seen, or could defend against. From the battles of Leyte Gulf and Okinawa to the final day of the war, you’ll witness the desperate actions of a crumbling empire that refused to face the possibility to surrender. Shocking color film shows the violent explosions and overwhelming damage brought on by the Kamikaze corps. Footage includes the elaborate farewell ceremonies held for these men of the Japanese "Special Attack Forces". You’ll see actual Kamikazes on their fateful missions and witness the destruction they wrought on the US Pacific Fleet.



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