Friday, June 27, 2008

BBC-Earth (2007),

EARTH represents the last chance to see some of our planets most beautiful animals and a first encounter with spectacular locations that have never before been filmed. Alastair Fothergill, Director

Five years in the making, EARTH follows the influence of the sun on life on the planet. The critical and international success of Deep Blue proved that audiences were eager to be immersed in the natural history of our world. Now EARTH takes audiences on an unforgettable journey around the planet, using the sun as our guide, and three engrossing characters to tell its story. Narrated by Patrick Stewart and with music composed and conducted by George Fenton, EARTH offers us a chance to recognise and celebrate the beauty of our planet; whilst at the same time it serves as a timely reminder of the ecological fragility of our planet and the creatures that live on it.

Our three main characters: polar bear, elephant and humpback whale, show the challenges faced by creatures whose lives are dominated by a migratory existence in a world that is fast changing. The natural history of our planet has never been filmed on such a scale before. EARTH uses resources and technology on an unprecedented scale, to reveal rarely observed animal behaviours.

These are three incredible journeys; full of beauty, but also rife with danger. EARTH combines rare action unimaginable scale impossible locations and intimate moments among our planets bestloved wildest and most elusive creatures. To an irresistible eternal rhythm, the EARTH moves through the seasons, all life bending to the power of the sun.

EARTH: Director Alastair Fothergill; Co-Director: Mark Linfield; music composed and conducted by George Fenton; music performed by Berlin Philharmoniker; Film Editor: Martin Elsbury; Executive producers: Mike Phillips; Stephan Beiten; Nikolaus Weil; Wayne Garvie; Andre Sikojev; Producers: Sophokles Tasioulis; Alix Tidmarsh; Associate producers: Melissa Caron, Amanda Hill. EARTH will be released by Lionsgate UK on 16th November 2007.


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