Friday, June 27, 2008

Discovery Channel - Diamond Road 3 Part Series (2007)

Part 1: The Dream
We learn about the history of the industry and the clever marketing which have made diamonds such an important part of our lives. We also meet a diverse cast of characters who all have a diamond dream, a miner in the impoverished country of Sierra Leone trying desperately to support his family on less than 3 dollars a day, an industry leader moved by the plight of the miners in Sierra Leone who is trying to create a market for fair trade diamonds, a former US General who has started his own virtual mine, a veteran geologist who's still hunting for his very own diamond discovery in Northern Canada and a conflicted Yellowknives Dene Chief who fears that the money his people are making from the diamond mines in Canada may cost them their traditions.


Part 2: The Stone that Divides
In the second instalment of Diamond Road we travel to New York, South Africa and Sierra Leone, all places along the diamond pipeline that have been marked by the dark and the light of diamond history. In South Africa, the birthplace of the modern day diamond story, we meet Maria Farmer and Willem Diergaardt who are fighting to reclaim their land and the diamonds that sit on top of it. This is the new South Africa, emerging from the shadows of apartheid, rewriting the wrongs of the past, in which diamonds divided the haves from the have-nots, Black from White.

Part 3: The Arrival
In this last episode of Diamond Road we crisscross the globe, following both the small and the epic journeys of four characters. Manoj, a thirteen year old child polisher from India who leaves his village and his fathers cotton farm to apprentice in the diamond cutting factories of Surat, now a major diamond centre. We also meet Akshay and Arjav Mehta, whose Blue Star Group is one of the largest diamond manufacturing companies in the world. We follow the story of Andy Cohens diamond, an old, challenging stone that Andy won at the Christies auction in New York City.

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