Wednesday, June 4, 2008

History Channel - Barbarians

The period of history between the decline of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance known as the “Dark Ages” are an era of superstition, war, and death. For nearly a thousand years the rulers of various tribes across Europe and Asia arrive and decline as fast as a passing storm, but mold the structure of nations to come. The upcoming History Channel Original Special “Barbarians” focuses on four specific groups of people who create brief, but influential empires that are still studied not only by historians, but also by modern day politicians and military leaders today. In night one we are introduced to the Vikings and the Goths. The Vikings begin their conquests with technologically superior ships that can be built within a month to six weeks and with small modifications can be used in shallow waters and rivers as well as oceans while their contemporaries could barely travel around the coastlines. The Vikings under Leif Eriksson are the first Europeans to set foot on American soil centuries before Columbus and the Vikings also greatly change the face of Europe with the conquest of England from their Norsemen settlements in France to become known as the “Normans” in 1066AD.




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