Saturday, March 20, 2010

National Geographic - The Nasca Lines Mystery
Lying in the dusty desert of southern Peru, the Nasca Lines are among the most enigmatic human monuments ever created. The work of an ancient people living in the area from as early as 100 BC, the colossal lines - visible from the air - map out the shapes of animals, humanoid figures and geometric shapes. They have previously been described as ancient racetracks, an astronomical calendar, open-air temples and even an alien landing site. Now a new team is determined to get to the bottom of these amazing constructions, which have baffled experts for decades.

Can digital mapping, new theories and the discovery of a ceremonially buried decapitated man finally reveal The Nasca Lines Mystery?

Join contemporary scholars as they investigate the huge geometric markings made by the Nasca people 2,000 years ago on Peru's dry pampa.

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