Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cutting Edge - Scams, Claims and Compensation Games

Since 'No Win, No Fee' lawyers hit the high street, Britain has been swamped with adverts encouraging us to put in a claim, and talk of a growing compensation culture has hit the headlines again and again.

Have we really been convinced that where there's blame there's a claim?

Cutting Edge delves into the multi-billion-Pound world of Britain's personal injury industry to find out if Britain is developing an American-style mania for suing, or if 'No Win, No Fee' lawyers are finally giving the little man a chance to fight back.

Meeting the lawyers and local authorities working on opposing sides, and following real-life cases as they unfold, the programme looks beyond the media headlines about personal injury claims to reveal who are the real winners and losers in Britain's compensation culture.

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