Sunday, March 28, 2010

CBC - The Nature of Things: The Suzuki Diaries

The Nature of Things focus on how people are working to change the way they live and the way they think about the future of our world. Watch as they explore traditional and futuristic ways to reduce our carbon footprint and society’s impact on the environment, helping to find solutions and create a sustainable future.
The Suzuki Diaries is a road trip, a travelogue, an adventure. The legendary David Suzuki and his youngest daughter Sarika, a university student about to start her own career in the sciences, are full of hope as they travel to Europe to see what sustainability truly looks like. In Germany, Denmark, France and Spain, they set out to meet the people working to restore the equilibrium between human needs and planetary limits. They find a renewable energy expert, a biodynamic farmer and writer, a blogging bike enthusiast, two meticulous industrial designers, and a political powerhouse in the green movement. What they discover is that sustainability can be built into the fabric of contemporary life, not just by environmentalists but by anyone, across the full spectrum of society. The idea, innovations and inspiring individuals David and Sarika encounter prove that sustainability does not mean sacrificing quality of life. The Suzuki Diaries illustrates what is truly possible if humans have the will.

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