Thursday, March 18, 2010

Amish: How They Survive

The Amish live far outside the cultural mainstream. During the last century, they grew from 5,000, inhabiting a handful of states, to 200,000 souls living in 25 states and one Canadian province.

Preferring community to technology, the Amish live their lives in close fellowship with each other. Within their religious communities, everyone agrees on what technologies to adopt, what clothes to wear and what horse-powered transportation to drive.

A decade ago, approximately 90% of Amish earned their incomes from farming operations. Today, in some communities, less than 5% do so. Learn how the Amish have successfully responded to a tightening agricultural economy. See how their strict adherence to community values contributes to their doubling in size every 20 years.

This documentary takes you on an intimate journey into Ohio Amish life and culture. You will discover how rapid growth and economic pressures threaten their community. You will also meet a people who, as a result of creative disengagement with the culture around them, thrive.

Burton Buller documents the lives of the Amish, Hutterites, and Mennonites. His programs have appeared on PBS, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Hallmark Channel, ABC TV and NBC TV.

Sixty years ago, the Amish were consigned to disappear, swallowed by modernity. Today they are thriving as never before, spiritually and sociologically. The film brilliantly documents that process. - Dr. Al Keim, Professor Emeritus of History, Eastern Mennonite University

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