Sunday, September 20, 2009

Historic Encounters - Against All Odds, Quest for Malta

This historical documentary addresses a subject typically given short shrift in discussions of World War II: the role of Malta in pivotal Second World War battles. The program argues that because of the island's key location - sandwiched, as it is, in-between Southern Europe and Northern Africa - it inevitably impeded Axis and Allied reinforcement deliveries time and again. As a result, the Maltese people found themselves caught in the middle of a crossfire when they had virtually nothing to do with the war itself, and suffered immensely for their geographic placement. In telling this seldom-heard story, the program draws on first-person interviews, CGI animations, and dramatic recreations.

Dramatic re-creations, first-person interviews and cutting-edge CGI animation combine to recount the struggle of the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta to hold its own against the Nazi onslaught in World War II. Situated in the middle of a key Axis supply route, Malta became a prime target for Germany, and by April 1942, the island had earned the title "the most bombed place on earth."

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