Sunday, September 27, 2009

BBC - Natural World: The Falls of Iguacu

One of the world's most breathtaking natural wonders falls deep in the heart of South America. At two and a half kilometres long it is three times the size of Niagara. Enough water pours over the 300 individual waterfalls in one day to supply a major capital city for an entire year. These are the Iguagu Falls. Splitting the borders between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, the surrounding lush, damp rainforest is home to colourful and elegant creatures. Great Dusky Swifts cling to the vertical cliff faces beneath the thundering water. The raccoon's distant cousins, coatis, live precariously high in the trees whilst nearer the forest floor mysterious tapirs and elusive jaguars roam under the protection of a few dedicated rangers. With poachers encroaching on this National Park, the rangers must sometimes risk their lives to preserve the species under their protection.

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