Friday, May 1, 2009

Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage-Corfu and Greece

Land ahoy! It's the fifth instalment of this wistful travelogue, and having lurched and wobbled its way past Croatia and Albania, a storm-battered Black Swan prepares to drop anchor off Greece. While the flustered crew flap around the shredded mainsail, the unperturbed Francesco da Mosto embarks on a leisurely stroll around Corfu, its colonial past eliciting some rapturous twaddle about "feeleeng thee muscle of-ah thee Empire". Here, he finds a cemetery for ex-pats, some lovely 19th-century interior design and, on one of the island's numerous cricket grounds, a lengthy misunderstanding involving "that leetle 'ouse". (It's a wicket, Francesco. A wicket.) There's also a visit to a mountain-top monastery and a euphoric encounter with David Bellamy, who shows him a beetle before getting stuck in some mud. Bellissimo!

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