Sunday, February 28, 2010

Top Gun Academy: The Real Story

Top Gun Academy: The Real Story, produced on DVD-Video by Henninger Media Services of Arlington, Virginia, offers a far more insightful, measured portrayal of the seminal aviation academy that "created a legend in the aviation community," as the narrator says. An engaging combination of substance and spectacle, this new offering from Henninger seeks to establish DVD in a non-fiction documentary niche not much explored or exploited to date. The account is well-paced, and uses several of DVD's signature strengths to balance historical footage with contemporary interviews of naval pilots and officers, to trace the history of air warfare from World War I through the Vietnam War.
The DVD, which runs just under an hour, is divided into seven indexed, largely chronological chapters: The F-4 Phantom; Turn for the Worst; Dawn of the Dogfight; Tet Offensive; New School for Navy Pilots; Top Gun Proves Its Worth; and The Tide Turns Over Vietnam.
The cavernous capacity of DVD extended the reach of the project, allowing them to use extensive amounts of original footage. Warren said the Navy recognized that the documentary was a story that "needed to be told," and allowed them to shoot on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, at the Top Gun School (including its air-to-air range) and at the last Top Gun reunion that was held at Miramar Naval Air Station.

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