Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Titanic Mystery - The Ship That Never Sank

Why didn't JP Morgan owner of the Titanic sail on her maiden voyage as he had planned to?

The discovery of the wreck of the Titanic was one of the greatest media events of the late 1980s. Following on from 'The Riddle of the Titanic', the author includes more facts to support the theory of the insurance scam perpetrated by the White Star line, and startling evidence of the collusion of the British Government in a cover-up.

The author draws on several events and coincidences that occurred in the months, days, and hours leading up to the sinking of the Titanic to form his theory. Put simply, his theory is that the ship that hit the iceberg on 14 April 1912 was in fact the Titanic's sister-ship RMS Olympic, disguised as the Titanic. All this was part of an insurance scam of huge proportions by the White Star Line.

On September 20, 1911, the Olympic was involved in a collision with the Royal Navy cruiser HMS Hawke near Southampton. The cruiser smashed its ram into the side of the Olympic, seriously damaging both ships. The inquiry (an internal Royal Navy one) found its ship free of all blame. Therefore no insurance claim could be made and the full cost of the accident rested with the White Star Line. This set the author's theory in motion. The theory claims that the damage to Olympic was much greater than it was thought to be rendering the ship unusable.

Now that we have a motive, can this theory be proven?

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