Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Search for Heaven

Our lives are filled with joy and sorrow, challenges and change - all linked to growing up and growing old.
Is the inevitable conclusion to life's exciting journey, the termination of the human spirit and a plot in the local cemetery?
Or is there something beyond this life - a spiritual realm of some kind where the soul resides, when we lay this body down? Is there really a place called Heaven? The major religions answer "Yes" and accept this as a matter of faith.
What if there is proof beyond faith that Heaven exists? Do scientific discoveries and cutting edge research actually prove the existence of Heaven? Some believe there is now proof that the place we call "Heaven" actually exists.
We'll examine scientific studies, personal testimonies and experiences of those who say they've had a Near Death Experience in which they've been to Heaven and back.
Join us in a serious look at startling new findings that document a place called Heaven!

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