Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shinobi - Winds of the 34 Generations

The official "SHINOBI - Winds of the 34 Generations" DVD. In this film, Director
Brandon Alvarez takes equal parts historic military epic, international travelogue
and footage of some of the art's most respected practitioners - mixes it all
together to bring you a fresh look at the Ninja and their art. Featured interviews
include: Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Stephen K. Hayes, Fumio Manaka and Robert
Bussey, as well as Mr. Mikio Momochi - 19th descendant of Sandayu Momochi.

- The most in-depth and comprehensive documentary ever undertaken to
chronicle the factual events and history behind the legendary 'ninja' guerrilla
warriors of medieval Japan.
- Including rare interviews with such world-renowned ninjutsu authorities and
master practitioners as Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, Fumio Manaka, Stephen K.
Hayes, Bud Malmstrom, Shawn Havens, Rumiko U. Hayes, and Isamu Shiraishi.
Also, included are excerpts and interviews with such highly regarded martial
arts practitioners and executive protection experts as Robert Bussey, David
Dow, Marc Franco, Peter Steeves, and Matthew Woodard.
- In the film, you wil travel along as such relevant historical sights such as
Yagyu Village, Iga-Ueno, Enryaku-ji, and the hidden falls of Mt. Maya are
explored and centuries-long misconceptions of these long-misunderstood
phantom warriors are unraveled.
- Relive the rare honor of the filmmakers as they meet with Mr. Mikio
Momochi, present-day descendant of the legendary sixteenth-century
ninjutsu master Sandayu Momochi, at the Momochi home in Nabari.
- Researched, produced, and directed by first-time filmmaker Brandon Alvarez
with cinematography courtesy of Carlo Bellaflor, the film has been a 3 year
labor of love to honor and shed light upon the history of this rare, yet
surviving art and to pay tribute to the practitioners of the world who keep it
alive and evolving.

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