Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Favela Rising, Life in Brazil's slums

One night in a favela, an impoverished barrio on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, an infamous druglord shot and killed four policemen, launching what the favela residents refer to as “The Massacre”: in retaliation, the military police, known for their oppressive corruption, made a sadistic surprise attack on the community and slaughtered 21 of its innocent citizens. Short-listed for this year's Academy Award for Best Documentary, Favela Rising focuses on Anderson Sá, the brother of one of the victims. Instead of seeking revenge by further entrenching himself in drug trafficking—often the only mode of survival for those living in the favelas—he began to wonder how to counteract this cycle of violence. In order to save the youth in his barrio from the grim fate that would most likely await them, Sá began Grupo Cultural AfroReggae, an organization that uses music and dance to rally against the violence and crime that these youth face every day.


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MN8 said...

Thanks, this was a really cool movie, showing the AfroReggae movement from Rio. It's basically like a documentary, starting with the life in the favelas, the drug wars, and then showing how Anderson Sa helped formed the AfroReggae movement, helping kids escape the life of crime for a life of music. The members of AfroReggae were committed to no drugs, alcohol, or smoking, and inspiring youth through education and music.

Jack said...

Hey man!!! very cool documentary, but i have a little problemb, i need the subtitles in esp, if you can post, please!!!!

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