Sunday, August 23, 2009

On-Line War 08.08.08-Russian-Georgian conflict

The purpose of this film - to show how to prepare PR and media to ensure the Georgian aggression. Who created the information and how to cover the western channels, declares objectivity coercing public opinion against Russia.
Fake pictures of victims on the tapes of international news agencies. Website with photos Ossetian refugees in English explaining that the victim - the Georgians fleeing the Russian tanks. Spanish television shows shooting Georgian machine gunner homes Tskhinvali - as Russian tanks entering Georgia.
A powerful private military companies - MPRI, composed of mercenaries and former officers of the Pentagon, known since the war in Yugoslavia, has been coaching and training Georgian troops. American intelligence, to monitor the conflict and on the battlefield and satellite tracking, said that no observation data for this period, as well as satellites shifted to Afghanistan.
People who knew close to Saakashvili, today told of his true motives - Okruashvili in Paris. At that wasted war money - personal masseuse Saakashvili brought from Germany to the personal plane the president, and war veterans living on a pension ...
On the other side of the media war - the ordinary people, caught almost defenseless in the days of aggression in August 2008

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