Friday, February 29, 2008


The show concentrated on several different areas of body modification, beginning with
suspension. While they called this ritual a body modification several times, they also
acknowledged it as a ritual. A brief look at Native American suspension rituals and brief
interview clips with Fakir Musafar -- who was quoted throughout the entire show --
highlighted this quick lesson into the background and history of suspensions. Also
included was a nice collection of footage and interviews from a suspension convention
featuring Allen Falkner. The footage showed a more accepting approach to suspension
compared to previous shows, which have
portrayed the ritual with shock and sometimes disgust. Through the story of a
first-timer who was nervous about the entire ritual -- from the piercings to the
suspension itself -- this show illustrated a kind and caring set of professionals who
make the process of undergoing one's first suspension an enjoyable one. This segment
would make someone considering undergoing the ritual who has hesitations about how
approachable a suspension group would be lose their hesitations.

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