Friday, February 29, 2008

IMAX - Volcanoes of the Deep Sea

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea is an Imax production conceived by Rich Lutz, a Rutgers University marine biologist. For more than a decade, Dr. Lutz has been working thousands of feet under the ocean, studying life unexpectedly discovered in the late 1970s. Down in the deepest abysses of the ocean, hitherto unknown life forms are growing in the most poisonous atmosphere in the world, the area around hypothermal vents--the volcanoes of the deep sea. Scientists believe that they may hold the secret of the origins of life on earth. The scenery is awe-inspiring, offering views never before seen by anyone as they are in this film. Cousteau's exploration, for example, barely dipped below the ocean's surface in comparison with the depths plumbed here, along an active volcanic ridge 8600 feet under the sea. Even the deep sea researchers themselves have never before been able to flood areas the size of a football field with intense illumination, as director Stephen Low's crew did, by attaching lights to the deep sea explorer Alvin. Animations of the actual volcanic explosions were so good and so well integrated that it was hard to tell if they were real or not. The deep sea creatures themselves are as marvelously bizarre in their appearance as they are in their biology.

Canadian documentary filmmaker Stephen Low directs the IMAX movie with Titanic director James Cameron as the executive producer.

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