Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Footballs Fight Club, A two part documentary on football hooliganism

An interesting two part Channel Four documentary about football hooliganism. The first part explores the 70's and 80's and speaks to some of the leaders of the hooligan firms. How the old cheap football special trains increased away supporters at games,football fashion and also the hooligans own "code of conduct" Part 2 explores how the seeds were sown a year before the tragic Heysal Stadium disaster,shows the knock-on effect from Heysal and the major Government crackdown on the thugs. Alot of top firms leaders were jailed (fitted up by false police evidence in many cases which was later proven in court) With the thugs being squeezed out here,alot of them started causing chaos abroad with England with,for the first time,an England game over in Ireland actually getting abandoned. Contains some scenes of violence and a great soundtrack. Ripped from glorious VHS with all the Channel 4 adverts painstakingly removed! Use HJ-Split to join the files together.



faceless said...

Thanks for the links

DefChef said...

Looks like a winner! As a Yank with exactly zero interest in what the rest of the world calls "football," I know pretty much nuthin' about the sport...but I'm totally FASCINATED by the fans. Especially the freaky, skinheady, fighty kind of fans.

Why is it that over in Europe, the stereotypical football fan is some ass-kicking skinhead with a decent sense of style, and over HERE yr average football fan is a fat fat FATSO with an XXXXXXL jersey that says "Ron Mexico" on the back and a friggin' fake cheese wedge jammed on his lid?

Ah, fukkit. US football is still way better to watch, no matter what the fans look like.

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