Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BBC - China's Terracotta Army

http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/2339/chinawl9.jpgDan Snow follows the making of the British Museum's biggest exhibition in a generation and tells the story of its subject, the First Emperor of China. Qin
Shihuangdi is one of the most important but least well-known men in history. He founded the world's oldest political entity and created the spectacular
Terracotta Army to guard his vast tomb.

With exclusive access to the BM team for over a year, Dan follows the curator Jane Portal, and the design team, as they create a blockbuster exhibition in the historic Round Reading Room and he travels to China to see the original Great Wall, the sacred mountain Tai Shan, and the great necropolis at Xian with its
thousands of warriors.

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Sean Williams said...

The Terracotta Warriors are one of the wonders of the world: check out my top ten amazing facts on them, and visit our site to see tons of great articles on them and the ancient world.

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