Monday, November 2, 2009

Discovery Channel - Royal Deaths & Diseases

With an ageing monarch and an intense interest in the health of the royal family, Royal Deaths and Diseases brings to light the most intimate records of Britain's kings and queens.
It exposes the secrets of their illnesses and dealings with doctors and reveals the truth behind deaths on the battlefield, failed successions and the often catastrophic consequences of an untimely royal death.

The Episodes are:

01. Living by the sword (medieval and early modern monarchs who went into battle)
02. Madness (Explores the history of royal insanity in Britain, and the ways in which it was treated.)
03 - Decadence (sexual indulgence, gluttony, alcoholism, and drug addiction)
04. Tainted blood (Hereditory Diseases)
05 - Royal Childbirth. ( the importance of producing a male heir, and the difficulties faced.
 01. Living by the sword

02. Madness

03 - Decadence

04. Tainted blood

05 - Royal Childbirth

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