Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Brothers In Arms: Basra
Filmmakers travelled to the arid desert of Basra to join British forces on the ground. They watched as our 4000-strong Army rapidly diminished over the course of March to the end of May this year. Extraordinary stories of soldiers become real as they speak openly about the the ordeals, trials and emotional stress they endure while fighting. No soldier is untouched by their experiences in Iraq. What do they really feel? What is it like to be fighting every day for months and months at a time. Do they believe in what they are fighting for? These are the ever-present issues they are forced to question. In the frankest interviews to date, soldiers from regiments, 5 Rifles and B Company explain candidly what life is like on the front line and explain how they feel about how they are perceived by the British public at home.


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