Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Non Euclidean Geometry and Hidden Worlds, History of Maths and 4 Dimensional

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A look at Mathematicians in History who speculated about the existence of Non Euclidean Geometries and a short programme about Paul Banchoffs attempts to look into the 4th Dimension by visualising Hypercubes.
The look at Non Euclidean Geometry is part of the History of Mathematics and profiles some of the main figures involved including Carl Friedrich Gauss & Wolfgan & Yanosh Bolyai. The programme also examines the different Geometries that they explored. The short about Paul Banchoffs attempts to visualise the unseeable 4th Dimension is intriguing and includes a nice animation of a hypercube (or tesseract).http://rapidshare.com/files/81381327/Non.Euclidean.Geom.and.4D.part1.rar

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