Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Discovery - Combat school

COMBAT SCHOOL follows - for the first time ever - Canadian infantry soldiers as they undergo the most technologically-advanced, intense and realistic combat training in military history. This six-part, one-hour Canadian documentary series goes directly to the heart of modern warfare by following a platoon of 40 men and women from the time they commence their training until they are declared battle-ready and deployed. Granted unprecedented access by the Canadian military and combat trainers, cameras are then embedded with the platoon in the war fields of Afghanistan where viewers witness how the soldiers' skills are put to the ultimate test when they encounter insurgents for the first time.

In COMBAT SCHOOL the training is intense and the expectations high. Those who are unprepared won't make it, and those who are ready leave everything behind to risk their lives in a war zone. Following soldiers from 1 Platoon, Mike Company, 3rd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment - based out of Petawawa, Ontario - COMBAT SCHOOL captures every step of the mission-specific training as the men and women prepare for the most intense combat situation they have ever faced.

Platoon leaders must ensure that these soldiers - some as young as 19 - are fully trained before they enter the volatile combat zone. The soldiers travel to Texas where topography and arid conditions mimic that of the Afghan desert to begin their training. From there, they head to the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta for the most realistic, complex and advanced combat training in the world.

After months of demanding training, the battle-ready troops travel to Afghanistan. Assigned to a Forward Operating Base in the heart of Taliban territory - this will be the first time their combat skills are put to the ultimate test in the theatre of war. They learn just how close the enemy is after a rocket attack on their very first night at base.

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