Monday, January 26, 2009

Turned Out: Sexual Assault Behind Bars

Estimates are that 20 percent of all men serving in US prisons have been raped. This film looks at the social system within prisons that allows this violent sexual behavior to occur.


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Tom said...

This awesome filmmic trip through the one of the grittiest aspects of prison life – the subjugation and rape of the weak by the strong – held me spellbound. Kind of like having a dream while you’re awake. It also provides prisoners’ surprisingly stoic insights into what they get from benign homosexual relationships (more than just sex). A must see for anyone interested in just how twisted – and suprisingly tender – prison life can be. Actor Danny Trejo, who narrates, is a great touch, and the soundtrack is seductive. “Turned Out” has great picture quality and a very high end encoding standard for a home DVD.
For an independent documentary the extra features were indeed excellent. Extra features include in-depth interviews with assaulted inmates, interviews with main characters five years after the original filming, an interview with a female rape victim, an image gallery, and music videos by rappers C-Nile and Juvenile, and by country singer/convict Denver Holloway.

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