Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ashley Schwartau, Hackers Are People Too

Hacking vindicated! Within the computing, hobbyist, creative design, and invention communities, as elsewhere, hacking has always been a positive thing, but the media and the less than knowledgeable computer security community co-opted the term and the concept, and the media embraced it because it was easier to tell than the truth. But now the misnomer has been torn away by the honesty of a new filmmaker, Ashley Schwartau, who has taken the direct approach to getting at the truth. Observe and ask the people involved. And the truth looks more like students in engineering school and their adult counterparts who never gave up the vision of rugged individualism combined with a sense of community that brought the world out of ignorance and into the information age. Enlighten yourself, and watch this movie. Then send your kids to join the industrious, interested, amazed, joyous, freeing crowd of investigative inventors in the Internet and elsewhere - the hackers!


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