Saturday, March 22, 2008

The First World War (2003) Ch4 TV Series

There have been some pretty good documentary series on World War One - like the BBC's
'1914-18' and 'The Great War,' which inspired 'The World at War' - but this Channel Four series is
the best ever. Unlike almost all of the others it gives you a look at the WORLD war aspect of it,
not just focusing on the Western Front or (like most poor US documentaries) on the last year
when America was involved, you also see the war in Russia, in Arabia, in Africa to get a real sense
of the scale. Unlike 1914-18 it takes a chronological look at the war, but does it in a riveting way:
the first episode plays like a thriller, while others are like tragedies. And it doesn't fall in for
clich├ęs or easy targets. It dispels a lot of myths along the way (for example, did you know the
assassinated Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was anti-militarist and had actually prevented war
breaking out several times? I didn't) and holds your attention throughout. And the haunting end
title music written by a composer who died in the war is unforgettable.
One of the greatest TV shows ever, it's a crime this is so little known and failed to win any major
awards. It's on DVD and if you've any interest in the subject at all, it's the only WW1 doc you
need to buy.
Episode 01/10 - To Arms 1914
Episode 02/10 - Under the Eagle - 1914 to 1915
Episode 03/10 - Global War - 1914 to 1916
Episode 04/10 - Jihad - 1914 to 1916
Episode 05/10 - Shackled to a Corpse - 1914 to 1916
Episode 06/10 - Breaking the Deadlock - 1915 to 1917
Episode 07/10 - Blockade - 1916 to 1917
Episode 08/10 - Revolution - 1917
Episode 09/10 - Germany´s Last Gamble - 1918
Episode 10/10 - War Without End


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